Q. What is the ARC Tick, and why should I look for it?

A. The tick is awarded by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) to businesses and individuals who are authorised to handle fluorocarbon refrigerants (used in air-conditioning). An accredited technician has to adhere to mandated standards, as well as being fully trained in this field.

Q. How do I know whether I need ducted or a split-system air-conditioner?

A. Ducted air-conditioners are ideal if you wish to cool your entire home or business. Split-systems are best for smaller areas such as bedrooms, offices and family rooms.

Q. Do you have an emergency call-out service?

A. Yes. We have a 24-hour, 7-day a week call-out service, so we can attend to any breakdowns you may have during the day or night.

Q. Why should I have a maintenance program?

A. To reduce the costs of repairs, we recommend regular servicing to ensure that your system is running efficiently. How often this maintenance should be carried out varies, depending on the usage and location of the system.

Q. How long do repairs take?

A. The amount and length of repair time for your system can vary depending on the problem. Small jobs take around half hour to an hour, while bigger repair jobs can take a few hours.

Q. What is the difference between a chiller and a freezer unit?

A. A Chiller is designed to keep food between the temperature range of -1 to 7°, while a freezer is designed to keep food between -25° and -18°.

Q. My car air-conditioner has stopped getting cold. Is this fixable?

A. Yes. We are able to inspect your air-conditioning system before recommending the next course of action. In most cases, the system simply requires re-gassing.